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Teachers’ Training

Teachers’ Training

At Lomwe Secondary School, empowerment of teachers is in our Core belief. Therefore, regular Seminar , Workshop will form a part of our calendar so that teachers are well equipped to address the global issues and modern methodologies;

Below are some of what our teachers gain through such seminars

  • Understanding children’s understanding and growth of Intelligence
  • Preferred learning styles of Students: Learning Style Inventory
  • Managing one’s self in changing scenario
  • How smart you’re or how you’re smart: Multiple Intelligence
  • Apprehending Poetry in teaching languages
  • Role of Active Listening in solving problems and effective Communication
  • What do Tests
  • Test Assessment & Evaluation

  • The virtue of not knowing the right Answer: The Learning begins
  • Building self-esteem of children and adolescents in schools
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • School, family and Community partnerships
  • Parenting and managing today’s boarders
  • Effective teaching strategies
  • Assessment and Evaluation as a part of teaching
  • Teaching tools
  • Teaching your subject