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Sports & Culture

Sports & Culture

Sports and games amenities of the school range from basketball, volleyball, football and badminton. There are inter-house competitions held also for a variety of indoor games annually.

Music & Dance

Music is an indivisible part of the students’ life at the school and the Hostel. Students who have musical talent in them get ample encouragement and guidance form experts in that particular field be it vocal, percussion, keyboard, string or wind instruments. Music seeps into every student’s personality in the school because they regularly learn and sing Hymns during Prayers and at the Holy Eucharistic celebrations regularly organized for the Students even during the weekends.


There are programmes organized in the Hostel and School on important days like Hostel Anniversary Day, Fresher’s Day, Independence Day, St. Joseph’s Day, etc. to provide a platform for boys with theatrical talent to showcase their skills. There are competitions held in Drama, Mono acting, Skits, etc. between different houses, classes, groups, etc. during the course of the academic year.


Artistically talented boys get opportunity to make elaborate and exquisite sets, paintings, etc. for various occasions like Sports Meet, and other events and festivals celebrated through out the year. There are talented tutors to guide and assist them.

Tournament & Meet

We have Inter – House Competition and various Sports Meet with other Secondary Schools in the nearby areas.

Our Sports and Co-Curricular activity program will encourage students to participate in competitive sports and enhance their skills.

Field Trip & Excursions

Field Trips and Annual Excursions are integral part of our school life. Students are taken to various places like the Weather Station, Bakery, Bank and Pottery to consolidate their class room learning.

The Annual Excursion is a 3-5 days event in which children are taken to National Park, Sanctuaries, Beaches, Mines etc.

Exchange Program

We are keen to have Exchange Program for 7-10 days with the similar boarding schools within and outside the country.

This Exchange Program will be meant for Teachers as well as Students so that both can gain benefit being in other schools.