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Learning Program

Learning Program

Our students achieve some of the best A level results in the country, but we also want our students to gain the personal qualities, inter-personal skills, character, hobbies and interests needed to make a success of adult life. In recent years, education has become very focused on exam results, and whilst success in public exams is vital we prefer to provide an education that benefits a child for the rest of his or her life.  The core purpose is to provide:

Child-centric Learning:
Recognizing that schooling is about each individual child and not the system.

Wholistic Development:
Understanding that education is the development of the whole person – the mind, body and spirit.

Real and Engaging Classrooms:
Designing learning such that children are absorbed and excited about their schooling experience.

Empowered Teachers:
Finding and supporting teachers who love children, love teaching and are capable of inspirational leadership.

Connected to the Community:
Ensuring that the school is connected to parents, the local community and the world at large.

We help the children to:

  • Learn to observe, probe and question, use senses, collect data and organize
  • Interpret observations meaningfully and develop a consistent view of the new situations
  • Integrate interpretations with previous knowledge
  • Be open to other explanations

Children will be encouraged to:

  • Reflect on their experiences and find their personal responses to situations
  • Discover how they can do their best in a given situation without the need for external rewards or without fear of punishments
  • Discover the many different ways in which they can express themselves

An environ where children can:

  • Learn different languages and fine arts to express themselves
  • Learn to listen carefully, try to understand what the others are saying
  • Recognize that different points of view can all be correct and deserve respect
  • Empathize and learn to find common ground with others

Children will get opportunities to:

  • Work together, in small and large groups, on tasks which require cooperative behaviour
  • Organize themselves in different ways to discover effective ways of cooperation
  • Participate in the running of the school to understand how large communities organize themselves