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Curriculum and Extra-Curricular

Our students achieve some of the best A level results in the country, but we also want our students to gain the personal qualities, inter-personal skills, character, hobbies and interests needed to make a success of adult life. In recent years, education has become very focused on exam results, and whilst success in public exams is vital we prefer to provide an education that benefits a child for the rest of his or her life.

‘O’ Level Subjects

  • Civics
  • History
  • Kiswahili
  • Geography
  • English Language
  • Biology

  • Basic Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Agricultural Science
  • Literature In English

‘A’ Level Subjects

  • HKL, History, Kiswahili and English
  • HGK, History, Geography and Kiswahili
  • HGL, History, Geography and English
  • HGE, History, Geography and Economics
  • EGM, Economics, Geography and Mathematics

  • PCM, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics
  • PCB, Physics, Chemistry and Biology
  • CBG, Chemistry, Biology, and Geography
  • PGM, Physics, Geography and Mathematics

School Examination Results

  • Necta
  • Terminals and annual

The education of the young persons is not merely their mental development. It means training for life – for work and constant good work. In order to achieve that, Lomwe  Secondary School offers majors in Science, Arts, Commerce, Information and Communication Technology and Entrepreneurship. Specifically the following subjects at ‘A’ levels combinations HGE, HGL, HGK, HKL, EGM, ECA, PCM, PCB, CBG, PGM.

In order to fulfill our objectives the school has The students do homework, tests; the beginning of the term tests (BOT), mid-term tests (MOT), end of term tests (EOT), continuous assessment and terminal exams.

Educational Clubs

Environment, debate, prevention of corruption, drama club

Sports & Games

Youths are uniquely vulnerable to distractions. To avoid this, students at Lomwe Secondary School are frequently exposed to both indoor and field sports and games. The school offers football, volleyball, basketball, drama, debates, quizzes and the like. All these are meant to identify talents and be a great stimulant for the students’ minds as they pursue their studies.