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Committed To Excellence In Education

A Tradition of Excellence

Our vision, is to educate a child who can work independently in society

A Great Place To Learn

Committed to the Tanzanian National Curriculum in O Level & A Level Education

Where Students Come First

We strive to develop individuals with Knowledge, Skills and Moral Values.

Our Mission & Vision

Our Vision

Lomwe Secondary School vision, is to educate a child who can work independently in society. Additional subjects and programs are therefore incorporated so as to attain excellence, and empowerment of students to ensure that they find active career paths, and aspire to be more in life.

Our Commitment

It is our commitment to enable the growth of global citizens – Individuals with self-confidence who are able to contribute to community life, building tolerance & accountability and able to deal with emotional and spiritual quotients.


Nafasi za masomo kwa pre form one na Kidato cha kwanza Mwaka 2018

Mkuu wa shule anatangaza nafasi za masomo kwa pre form one na Kidato cha kwanza Mwaka 2018. Shule ilipo: mkoa wa kilimanjaro, wilaya ya mwanga, tarafa ya usangi.

Our Students

Our students achieve some of the best A level results in the country, but we also want our students to gain the personal qualities, inter-personal skills, character, hobbies and interests needed to make a success of adult life. In recent years, education has become very focused on exam results, and whilst success in public exams is vital we prefer to provide an education that benefits a child for the rest of his or her life.

Enrollment / Admission

Lomwe Secondary School seeks to enroll students of moderate academic background, eager, willing and ready to learn, and who will respect and adhere to the school rules and policies. The school intake is mainly made up of A to C grades, and outputs are at B and A grades.

Lomwe Secondary School has no real desire to imitate the international and long-standing private schools which aim to enrol students with A grades and produce the same A grade. It does, however, intend to add high value to the achievements of every student; at whatever academic level they are at, and aims to produce examination results, which compare favourably to any other school in the country.

The Staff

At Lomwe Secondary School we are blessed with an exceptionally dedicated and friendly team of people who help to make the school a home away from home, where the welfare of pupils is our first priority.